The Truth - Time O'The Signs - It Don't Have to Be Like That
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It Don’t have to be like that

When shove comes to push
George W Bush
Stole it from the democrats

Then he rounded up your sons
And handed out the guns
And sent them over to Iraq

In single file to steal the oil
That turns the blue sky black
They all arrived in crisp uniforms
But it’s in body bags that they’re coming back

She’s just thirteen but she been sewing jeans
For twenty-eight hours straight
Cause they got to fill an order
From over the border
And there’s penalties if its late

So they shoot her up with amphetamines
And work her till she collapse
While not too far away in the good old USA
You can almost hear the fat cats laugh

I’ve had it up to here with all this exploitation
I’m sick and tired of all the rich man’s crap
Cause a dollar a day is just no kind of pay
And it don’t have to be like that

He stood accused of having radical views
But it was really just a trumped up charge
The pilot said the hippy
Heis been getting awful lippy
He’s too dangerous to be left at large
And the crowd outside cried crucify
As they beat him with a lash
And all he tried to say was there’s another way
And it don’t have to be like that

You see we don’t have to be loving one another
But we got to try and bridge the gap
He said I pray for the day
When all you people say it don’t have to be like that
She boarded the bus during the morning rush
And found herself an empty seat
She crossed her legs and threw back her head
And gritted her pearly white teeth
They killed her man in Afghanistan
In a fierce allied attack
And ever since that dreadful day
Her mind’s been all out of wack.

Ah but now she’s got a bomb
Got it all strapped on
Push the button it will be a blast
But an eye for an eye will leave the world blind
Baby it don’t have to be like that

You see we don’t have to be killing one another
On the orders of a maniac
Because if we don’t try we can kiss it goodbye
But it don’t have to be like that

© Vincent Fitzgerald